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Carpets from all countries - collected and presented in our collection

Our carpet-collection

The hand-knotted carpets from different countries have been divided by us into various categories in order to exactly match the tastes and the facilities of our customers.


The collection of modern and innovative includes carpets made of various materials, the impressive and colorful "Crazy Rugs" and high quality nomadic carpet from Persia.


Committed to tradition! Our rarities from the Classic and Tradition collection were made in the most famous and best knotting workshops of Persia and stand for tradition and timeless appearance.


Furthermore, carpet connoisseurs and collectors can find the largest selection of old and antique rarities at Danesh Carpets. This selected assortment includes antique Caucasians, Turkmen as well as American Sarughs and antique Heriz.





Over 50 years of experience. 3 generations. One passion.

Our business

Family-business DANESH

Our team

Satisfied customers through satisfactory service

Our service

Our customers are close to our hearts.


Our experienced and expert carpet service includes planning, consultation, as well as no-obligation carpet lay-up, expert cleaning, repair and exchange including free pick-up and delivery throughout Carinthia.

Carpets need care.


Our cleaning service, which is based on a purely ecological basis, will restore your carpets to their original splendor in a natural way! Chemical cleaning can damage the structure of your artwork and thus devalue the carpet, in the worst case.

Eliminate damage professionally.


Should your carpet be damaged in an accident (burn holes, discoloration, nibbled by your four-legged friend, torn edges or fringes, deformations such as waves as well as infestation of hollyhock or dry rot, etc.) we are at your disposal with our repair service.

Change is good.


An additional customer service we offer is our popular exchange service. If your carpet at home no longer suits your interior or you simply do not like it anymore, you can exchange it with us, minus the cleaning costs and possible repairs (only hand-knotted carpets).

Over 50 years of experience. A family business.

Our company history


Foundation of the company in Graz.


Opening of a branch in Spittal an der Drau.


Danesh Teppiche Handels-GmbH now consists of four branches: Graz, Spittal, Klagenfurt and Villach in Austria.


Closure of the branch offices and exclusive concentration on the Klagenfurt branch.


Kurosh Danesh joins the family business.


A wholesale warehouse is opened in Klagenfurt.


After gaining experience and knowledge as an employee for a few years, Kurosh Danesh took over the management of the company.


Danesh builds the Artecielo on Kurandtplatz and opens the Danesh Gallery in it.


The sale of the Artecielo house took place and the relocation of the business premises to the Schleppekurve followed.


Danesh Carpets celebrates its 50th anniversary.


2021 we presented our exhibition in the domain Lilienberg! Very fine knotted works from Persia, such as Ghom silk or a Nain with 1.2 million knots per square meter.

Kroneplatz 1, A-9020 Klagenfurt +43 463 219 111
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